"ROSIE" speaks for herself.
VOCALS: Douglas Imbrogno
Douglas Imbrogno, Bob Webb
Bob Webb
Stephen Sikorsky, Gar Ragland

I call that cool, electronica riff that opens and closes 'Rosie' (concocted by Stephen and Gar) the 'Sputnick Sound.' Sputnick and I, we we were contemporaries, entering the world within a year of each other. We share an affinity for outer space, too.

All songs by Douglas Imbrogno (except 'Lights' by Rebecca Skeen Webb, 'Rosie's Lullaby,' by Bob Webb and 'Scarborough Fair,' traditional) Copyright 2004.


words & music by Douglas Imbrogno (copyright 2004)
For Suzanne

Rosie rises, Rosie rises up. / Rosie rises, / Goes and fills her coffee cup.

Rosie listens / to the morning news / Rosies listens, / puttin' on her walking shoes.

Rosie smiles / buying the New York Times / Rosie smiles / laying down some quarters and dimes.


Rosie was my lover, Rosie was a pearl / Now our paths are parted/ O, my Rosie girl...

Rosie dabs a paintbrush/ paints an iris white/ Rosie dabs a paintbrush/ Bathed in morning light.

Rosie ponders lunchtime/ 'Indian or Thai...'/ Rosie ponders lunchtime/ Rubs a tired eye.

Sun drops on her city / Turning golden red... / Sun drops on the city / Rosie buys some bread.


Rosie was my lover, first I ever had / Rosie was my lover, I was Rosie's lad.

Wine around the table, friends in every room/ Flowers in the kitchen, irises in bloom.

Rosie has no children, though she mothers all/ When a heart is broken, Rosie gets the call.

Tugging on her covers, turning off the light/ Rosie lays her head down, bringing on the night.


Rosie was my lover, it ended rather sad./ I'm sorry for those memories/ And what we never had.

Rosie rises, Rosie rises up./ Rosie rises, goes and fills her coffee cup.