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My grandfather was not born in this house, ringed by olive trees on the ridges. His father and mother, Luigi Imbrognio and Teresa (Carrelli), moved here from elsewhere in Calabria when he was young. So says resident family genealogist, my Aunt Loretta. She hasn't been able to determine when Eugenio Imbrognio (his name in its Italian rendering) moved to the house, high above Rende.

Eugenio courted a pretty girl named Caterina Napoli. She lived in the house at the top of the hill, a steep walk of about 100 yards. Eugenio and Caterina's first two sons were named Louie and Ed, then came my father, Dulio. They left for good in the late 1920s, for Ellis Island and America, where Teresa, Bob and Loretta finished out the family.



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