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Audio Slideshows from Italia 2008 Travels

August 25, 2008


ITALIA 2008 | Here are six short audio slideshows of Northern Italy and Rome from a storied journey there for a couple weeks in the Summer of 2008, with my 18-year-old son and his 18-year-old cousin: ~ “ROMAN COLISEUM JAZZ” ~ “VENICE BY DAY and NIGHT” ~ “SANTANA in VERONA” ~ “AN ITALIAN TATTOO TALE” […]

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Note about the Silent Gondoliers

August 24, 2008


The music for several instrumental pieces accompanying the Italia2008 slideshows (see post above) comes from The Silent Gondoliers (and can be downloaded at myspace.com/douglaseye ). The name was inspired by Byron’s poem “Child Harold’s Pilgrimage” (I Stood In Venice). Here’s the relevant excerpt, about the persistence of beauty, from one of the innumerable works inspired […]

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