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Andy Dick Updated!

February 3, 2010

Etc., Video

The managing editor of my newspaper
called me away from my Saturday sofa a couple weekends ago to cover the arraignment of comedian Andy Dick, arrested in Huntington for being a Dick. According to police reports. The bizarro animated piece above on Dick’s arrest comes from one of the coolest action news teams on planet Earth.  Adult Swim re-posted this animated piece by NMA News (or Apple Action News) in Taiwan.  Note the accurate Marshall University flags outside the club. Quality work. And they read the police report pretty closely. You’ll have to sit though the “My Little Bastard” iPhone ap ad, which is vaguely entertaining once, sort of excruciating a 2nd go-round. You could YouTube search NME’s other stuff including their equally strange and absorbing Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien piece. There’s also a dramatic re-enactment of the Transgressions of Tiger Woods. I wish my local ‘News at 11″ station was this good. And this much fun.

P.S. ~ As you’ll see when you click on the story link above, you can no longer link to my full story, just the first few paragraphs on the story’s comments page as it has disappeared behind the Gazette online library’s ‘read it in 7-days or fork over $5‘ pay wall. Welcome either to the future – or the death – of local online news links.



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