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Audio Slideshows from Italia 2008 Travels

August 25, 2008

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ITALIA 2008 | Here are six short audio slideshows of Northern Italy and Rome from a storied journey there for a couple weeks in the Summer of 2008, with my 18-year-old son and his 18-year-old cousin:

~ “A TIME AGO: Church & Empire”
~ “I RAGAZZI e ME (The Boys and Me)”

NOTE ON SLIDESHOWS: Let the slideshow load a minute or two if it hiccups or try reloading the page. Click to display cutlines and (with a fast connection) try watching it full screen by clicking the 4-arrows icon.

ITALIA 2003 | A Trip into the Past
: A journey with my brother to the Calabrian hills where my family goes back hundreds of years:
~ “THE KEY to MY GRANDFATHER’S HOUSE” (by David Imbrogno)
~ “LAND of MY FATHERS” (article)



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6 Responses to “Audio Slideshows from Italia 2008 Travels”

  1. admin Says:

    Let me know what you think by posting comments here on individual slideshows. | doug

  2. Rich's comment Says:

    One of my fave English professors from my Miami University days, Rich Erlich, passed on this comment in an e-mail about the “Roman Coliseum Jazz” slideshow above — Doug:

    RICH WRITES: “You’ve got the start date right for the Coliseum/Colosseum: it was shortly after the end of the first big revolt in Judea. Given that date, there’s a good chance that the Colosseum was built with Jewish slaves taken in suppressing the revolt (and others, I’d think, especially for the skilled work) and using loot from the Jewish defeat/Roman victory.

    “According to a reconstructed inscription found on the site, ‘The emperor Vespasian ordered this new amphitheater to be erected from his general’s share of the booty.’ This is thought to refer to the vast quantity of treasure seized by the Romans following their victory in the Great Jewish Revolt in 70. The Colosseum can be thus interpreted as a great triumphal monument built in the Roman tradition of celebrating great victories.

    And that was the story my group got when I toured the Coliseum.

  3. Rick and Donna Says:

    Most entertaining. I’m gonna have to go with “AN ITALIAN TATTOO TALE” as my fave. I liked the song in “I RAGAZZI e ME”. Great photos all around. Lucas looks like a Bernini statue. __Rick

    Cool pics. I love your story telling on the Tattoo Tale, also my favourite. Maybe I can talk Rick into getting a Tat when/if we go to Culture Fest 2008.
    D O N N A

  4. admin Says:

    Dear Donna: Work on the boy. Would love to have you at Culturefest. There is a nice state resort called Pipestem 5 minutes up the road, if you don’t want to camp. And suggest to Rick a Fred Flintstone OR Mister Spock tat. Tell him he has to keep up with his brother (even if our mother is spinning in her grave, tattoo-wise) | Doug

  5. tracy edmonds herz Says:

    Doug, i am so touched by these lovely pics and thank you for sharing it with us. The photos are amazing. Are you sure you took them? hahaha The Savage Queen

  6. admin Says:

    I have a permanently etched arm to at least prove I was there (on the other hand, I COULD have gotten this tattoo in a drunken stupor in Milton, WV. Hmmm…..) Thanks for viewing them, Savage Queen | yrs, Doug