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Some Coliseum Jazz

January 28, 2010

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One day in Rome in late June 2008, after properly appreciating the many pleasurable sights around the Roman Coliseum, we rounded the corner of the Via dei Fori Imperiali and headed into the warren of side streets that lead to the Villa Cellimontani and its outdoor Alexanderplatz Jazz Club series. This slideshow pays homage to both, part of a trip across Italy with my then 18-year-old son, Lucas, and his cousin, Neil Ross. The instrumental soundtrack is by the Silent Gondoliers. See more Italia slideshows here. P.S. The flute-ish sound you hear is my sister-in-law Marylin’s grade-school flutaphone, which I long ago exappropriated from her Capon Springs childhood bedroom. 

NOTE: You can view a larger-screen, higher-definition (and personally preferred) version of this SoundSlides by clicking here. But YouTube is where the masses hang, so you have to hang your video hat there, too.



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