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Italy and a Song

January 9, 2010

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I finally uploaded this ‘song-slide’ of  “I Won’t Be Famous” to YouTube.  As a high school graduation present, I took my son and his cousin to see Santana in Italy in June 2008 in the amazing Roman coliseum that stands in Verona, Italy. It was part of a two-week jaunt across the northern half of the land where my father was born. As the boys discovered the charms of post-midnight clubbing in Rome, I came back to our 5th floor apartment near the Termini train station and penned a draft of this song. I recorded it on my Mac once home and matched it to some portraits of our peregrinations around Italia. PS ~ This song has since been retitled “The Mountains of Instead” and will be featured in an upcoming episode of “Saint Stephen’s Dream | A Space Opera.” | Ciao.

NOTE | You can see a higher-resolution version of this SoundSlides here.



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4 Responses to “Italy and a Song”

  1. Romano Says:

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  2. Pam Ross Says:

    Getting ready for a day constrained within my colorless cubicle located in a nondescript middle American suburb that fits the popular “Generica” label. I view the Italian slides and am awestruck. I meant to comment on Coliseum Jazz, but ended up here, which is ok since there are more Italy videos for me to look at when I can squeeze in the time.

    In viewing the Coliseum, I long to be at the cafe with Miles -provacative and menacing as ever- from his portrait on the wall, my brother and son sipping grappa, their gazes transfixed, while introspective. I want to sing at what looks to be the coolest jazz club ever. It makes me long to not only visit but to live there. To be a resident of Rome – I intrinsinctly know I would fall in love every day with the city. Dougaley’s sister, Pamella

  3. admin Says:

    I know what you mean. Meet you there in Rome sometime? That Miles shot is from one cool club within a short stroll of the Coliseum, in a warren of cafe-filled streets that lead to the outdor jazz club depicted in the slideshow. You know what Italians say about Rome: “Non basta una vita“ — one life is not enough to get to know Rome.

  4. Douglas Says:

    By the way, have you ever tried grappa? Uuggh. I’ll take a bone-dry chardonnay (what I’m drinking in the photo taken by Neil as Miles looks on) or spicy Cabernet any day over grappa. Then again, I like Campari, which some people would consign to the category of Italian mouthwash.