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Bad Cat Confession

January 8, 2010

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"Bad Cat" Tabitha | Post-incident photo with Christmas tree

At a meeting of Bad Cats Anonymous, earlier today:

TABITHA: “Hi, my name is Tabitha. And I am a Bad Cat.”
GROUP: “Hi, Tabitha.”
TABITHA: “I hit rock bottom last night. See, I’m addicted to batting at Christmas tree ornaments. I can’t help it. I’m cooped up in the house now because of all that white stuff outside. What’s a cat supposed to do? I gotta release some energy somehow. Its get old chasing That Other Cat (they call her Gizmo) around the living room carpet. That Other Cat  knows I can take her anyway. I just got better moves. Anyway, last night it happened. I brought the Christmas tree down! I don’t know how it happened. I was just batting an ornament, you know, like I usually do. I think it was the Santa Claus riding a unicyle ornament. Been trying to nail that one for days! So, I hear a rustle and then the whole frigggin’ tree is coming down on me! You can bet I beat a hasty retreat. I hoped they would pin it on That Other Cat. But, well… they know I have this problem with ornaments, see.

So, I came here to make ammends. And say I’m sorry to the Family, and, uh, you know. I won’t do it again. Thanks. And could I maybe have a kitty treat now?”



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