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Hitchens on Palin

December 7, 2009


One can take issue with Christopher Hitchens, over a number of his stands on war and politics. But when he does  a takedown, he does a takedown. The theory is we’re supposed to ignore the vapid, opportunistic, imbecility of Sarah Palin, in hopes she will go the way of  the Quayle. But one should never underestimate the hunger for a beaming authoritarian, especially one with nice legs. As Hitchens puts it in today’s Slate:

What price the courageous frontier huntress now—an empty-headed echo chamber for rumor-mongers and freaks who shoots from ambush and then runs away? Some condescending right-wing intellectuals are calling her style “populist” and comparing it with Andrew Jackson and William Jennings Bryan. The true name for it is demagogy, descending from Joseph McCarthy, Robert Welch, and the nastier elements of the old Nixon gang—people to whom slander and defamation was second nature.

I considered also posting the photo of Palin that Slate editors put with Hitchens’ piece. But I could not bear to gaze upon it more than once,  in all its grinning bufoonery, masking ambition minus smarts, sense and soul.



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