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The art of doing something

November 8, 2009


After a death in Charleston, W.Va., lawyer and artist Debbie McHenry – who knew the boy who was shot – felt she had to do something. A lively art class at the Roosevelt Center resulted. Here’s a video we just did about it with a story for the Saturday, Nov. 8 Charleston Gazette. Click the ‘Art Works’ icon after you get to the story. A cool quote (and strong words) from McHenry at the end of Katherine Gregory’s story:

… McHenry firmly believes that her art class can change the world and shape the youngsters’ lives, but said that more people need to get involved and volunteer across the community.

“We can’t feel that because we do public services work as our job that you can accept that as your contribution,” she said. “It needs to be beyond your paycheck and outside of your comfort zone to count.”



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