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Juan Williams, go away

January 28, 2009


You listen to the National Public Radio commentators and reporters over the years and the voices become a part of the soundtrack of your life, all warm and fuzzy-like. Then, one of them, Juan Williams, says something like this. And you know, henceforth, you will never ever listen to him again – if you ever do listen to him again – without wanting to spit on his shoes. Here’s more on Williams describing First Lady Michelle Obama as an angry “Stokely Carmichael in a dress,” which many observers in the links on this post note says a whole lot more about the guy making the remark. But really it’s National Public Radio that should be paying heed, as one person noted: “NPR should be ashamed to have their name on that screen with those comments.” Mine is a teensy blog in the outback of the web. But I wanted to add my tiny little search result to the algorithm the next time someone Googles “Williams, Juan…” “Eed-jit!” as the Irishman at the bar might say.

Here’s the piece to read on Michelle Obama , Ta-Nehisi Coates’ profile “American Girl,”  from The Atlantic Monthly. It gets at the kind of appealing, full-blooded human being in actual evidence before the nation’s eyes.



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