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Abbracci Gratis

July 16, 2010

Featured Article, Video

I generally distrust video links e-mailed to me from friends and acquaintances that includes a Web address and message like: “From me to you; have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The multiple exclamation points are the usual give-away that some well-meaning soul, moved to the ends of their toes by a slideshow of rainbow photos and quotes about angels, thinks you will be, too. When I got just such a message above and a link this morning, I was about to delete it. But the sender had a good track record of entertaining e-mail linkage via my in-box, so I took the bait and clicked. Of course, maybe I am doing the same thing to you? You, being the hard-bitten cynic of human society that you are, may think this video my own rainbow-and-angels gush. So be it! This one got to me, though, by the end. Also, I was seduced by the Italian location. You had me at “abbracci“:



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