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Talking Barack Obama

January 15, 2009



Here’s a new multimedia piece, done this past week with a couple colleagues at the Charleston Gazette. We headed to a mall and a black community center and asked people a simple question: “What does it mean to you personally that the first African-American president is going to be inaugurated next week?” The people who really didn’t want to talk to us said, “You don’t wanna talk to me…” and strode off. (I’m still peeved at my state for going with John McCain and Sarah Paleontology.) But a lot of people did want to talk to us.

I am not too happy with the overall sound. I’m still learning the Zoom H4 Digital Recorder I used (plus the chowderheaded, cutting-edge multimedia reporter lost the mic muff somewhere around the Waldenbooks). Plus three of us edited the somewhat erratic up-and-down sound. Even so, some of the people said some pretty good stuff. Am headed to the inaugural myself on Monday with my wife, 18-year-old son, his 16-year-old girlfriend and 3 of their friends to do a multimedia piece from amid the throngs. And the porta-potties. A friend was there this past weekend and said the sight of 5,000 porta-potties on the Washington Mall was stirring indeed. Here’s a quote you probably never thought you’d read from one of the several porta-potty inaugural stories online: “Fifteen hundred portable toilets — if you put them side by side — is a line a mile and a half long.”



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