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A real ball

June 10, 2010

Featured Article, Video

This Nike ad is wonderfully, almost absurdly entertaining. In fact, its three minutes of video are more diverting, engaging and absorbing than most prime-time TV shows and not a few full-length Hollywood movies. It’s also a master class in the fine art of segmented video editing. It also makes me want to troop down to Los Mariachis, the Mexican restaurant near where I live, order a pitcher of jumbo mango margaritas and park myself down to watch the World Cup soccer that screens continuously on their wall-mounted wide-screen TVs. You in?



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3 Responses to “A real ball”

  1. Gary Reynolds Says:

    Yes indeedy

  2. Rick Lee Says:

    I guess I’m just old. It was cut so fast I didn’t follow any of it.

    • admin Says:

      Hmmm. I generally hate fast-cut editing that destroys narrative. But I got into this and didn’t lose the string. Uh-oh – maybe my brain has been set to “dice and chop” too many times.