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Dear MFRs …

June 5, 2010


Gizmo the Cat with Buddha in the Rock Garden

A Note to My 17 Most Faithful Readers (MFR):

Dear MFRs,

Hi! I know I have been MIA, blogging-wise. I can explain. I have been:

~ Teaching myself video editing with Final Cut Express.
~ Hanging out with Buddhist monks in orange mou-mous.
~ Trying to create Final Cut Express videos with monks in orange mou-mous.
~ Singing and playing lots of guitar.
~ Feeding the cats.
~ Figuring out what to do with the rest of my life.
~ Hoping 53 is the new 43.

Meanwhile, until I get back on the blogging hobbyhorse, and were you the sort of person who is into epic poetry for all ages about dragons, mammoths, redemption, scurilous characters, Greek choruses and action-packed adventure tales filled with colorful characters including a wiley queen in a rolling thrown and her French jester, Vick Falco, you could spend some time with ‘Snatchgrin,’ if you wish.

Let the reader beware: This is an ancient Web site, taken offline in preparation for re-design and re-launch, possibly later in the 21st century. Sometime. Maybe. We’ll see. But if you’ve got a sharp kid who loves to read smart fantasy, or your inner smart kid is still awake and alive, well then …  click here or on the dragon and enter Snatchgrin’s world:

The Committee on the Resumption of Regular Blogging



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