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God hates figs

April 27, 2010

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I finally got around to uploading to YouTube this video of a very fun counter-protest. When the hatemongers from Westboro Baptist Church announced they were coming to Charleston, W.Va., Covenant House gathered a host of area folk for a flashy response in early April as the Westborians uncorked their usual ‘God Hates Figs‘ bit. (Though I used their hateful version of that line in the video’s opening screen, it came to me later that Fred Phelps and his sorry crew succeed when they propagate that line in the media. Hence, I’m done with helping them do it.)

This is a video of a flash mob rehearsal in the Covenant House parking lot, set to a wicked techno version of ‘Country Roads.’ Note the final long, continuous take that ends with a flock of pigeons checking out what all the humans are doing down below. Best counter-protest sign at the following day’s protest: ‘God hates signs.’ This video originally accompanied  an April 7, 2010 story in the Charleston Gazette.



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