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Hitler’s mad. Again.

April 22, 2010

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Hitler reacts to Hitler parodies being taken off YouTube.

This might not be up for long, so enjoy while it is. I don’t usually go in for parodies that make use of Hitler because there’s just so much you can take of the guy, even when making fun, before your brain starts unspooling pictures of the reality of how he cocked up tens of millions of lives in so many evil ways. But this clip has been a favorite of parodists and this parody about parodies is about as meta as the Web gets. And funny.



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3 Responses to “Hitler’s mad. Again.”

  1. Karan I. Says:

    Pretty f-ing funny.

    • admin Says:

      And about as meta-referential as the Web gets. A YouTube video as a feedback loop on YouTube.

  2. admin Says:

    I see that within an hour or so after I embedded this in my blog, YouTube (or someone requesting it of YouTube) disabled embedding this video. Click on the image to watch it on the site. For now …