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Magic Mountain bound

April 21, 2010

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The tippy-top of the Appalachian South Folklife Center.

You were hunkered down under mounds of snow for months. You’ve not stood high on a mountaintop, surveying the oceanic hills all around you, for many a moon. You’ve not yet gotten out to revel amid the red buds of Spring. You love live music by fine folks. You believe in homemade burritos. Planting butterfly gardens. Soaking up sacred spaces. Wild and wonderful West Virginia. You like the planet Earth and wish to hang with like-minded stewards of Gaia. You have not seen the Milky Way so startlingly clear that it looks like milk spilled across the nighttime sky — and wish to.

If any of the preceeding applies to you, then point yourself South this Saturday, April 24 to the day-long Earth Day Music, Arts & Activism shindig at the Appalachian South Folk Life Center about five minutes from Pipestem State Resort in Pipestem, W.Va. The Folk Life Center is one of the best-kept secrets in the Mountain State, though the “crusty old radical” who founded it, Don West, certainly made it a destination. It is about as far out in West Virginia as you can get before you start coming back in. It’s the heart of the heart of the country. Those of us who cherish its high vistas and trans-dimensional vibe always look forward to this time of year when we may again return to the Magic Mountain.

You’re invited to join us. I have a personal stake in the event, true, as my new musico-theatrical concept, Third Eye Cabaret, unwinds some of its ongoing, developing work. We go on at 8:30 p.m. The music, the chat, the communality, the connections go on all day, starting 11 a.m. How much? Not much. It’s free. The lineup:

11 am- Butterfly Garden Planting Project

12 pm – LUNCH (serenaded by Maggie’s Kids)

1 pm- Panel Discussion – “Creating Sustainable Communities”

2 pm- Sound Healing Workshop

2:30 pm- Drum Circle

3 pm –  special Earthday performance by Stages Music School

3:15 pm –  Miss Behavin’ and Whiplash

3:45 pm –   Josh Harmon

4:15 pm –  Sarah Turner

4:45 pm –  Melissa McKinney

5:15 pm –  Captain Lazerblast Band

6 pm –  Kathleen Coffee

6:45 pm –  Option 22

7:45 pm –  Briddy & the Buzz

8:30 pm –  Third Eye Cabaret

9:30 pm – Jamming and improvisation.

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This is the 7th annual Earth Day festival by LLyniuM entertainment, and the 5th in a cooperative effort with the Appalachian South Folklife Center.



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