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Robots R Us

April 5, 2010

Featured Article, Video

So, let’s check in on the latest robot news, shall we? The link below, courtesy of The Browser, shows that towel-folding robots are not only possible, but in our future. (Favorite comments from among several on the YouTube page: “First they fold our towels and then they take over the world.”)

Now, towel-folding robots may seem a small thing, although this expensive demonstration is really modeling movement and articulation of the sort of multi-movement tasks your mom, bless her soul, did for you while you watched “The Jetsons” on the sofa, you bum. But what about synchronized dancing robots? Now, we’re talking. The herky-jerky robots of years past? A thing of the, well… the past. Here’s a glimpse of the hip, stylized robots of the, I guess, not the future anymore, right? With a few more developments in AI, you might be careful who (or what) you bring home off the dance floor some Saturday night.



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