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March 28, 2010

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I am on my yearly Spring walkabout for the next week. Two nights ago, I crashed in a colonial mansion in the West Virginia hinterlands beneath the broad cut of the Milky Way. Now, I’m townhousing in Washington, D.C., for several days. Then, it’s on to a night at the Bhavana Society monastery back out in the West Virginia outback. Finally, the sojourn comes to a finish on the closing day of All Together Arts Week in Princeton, W.Va, and a concluding concert on Sat., April 3 at The Room Upstairs, where my new musical-theatrical troupe, Third Eye Cabaret, makes its world debut. (Did you hear that, World?) You should come, if you can. The band has a chick drummer. I’ve always wanted a chick drummer.

The Walkabout Mission (should I choose to accept it, and I have) is to wander to interesting places and crash with dear and interesting friends, while having no set agenda, drinking lots of good coffee, eating many convivial meals and having no deadlines nipping at my heels like a pack of cranky schnausers. So far, so good. The Walkabout Committee would like to thank Lauren Ruth for her essential support of Walkabouting, part of a regimen of psycho-spiritual regeneration and upkeep recommended by traditional cultures throughout the ages.

One of the delights of Walkabout 2010 (now in its 4th year) is that the lay board of the Bhavana Society is welcoming back today the Bhavana Society abbot Bhante Gunaratana, who has been wandering the world on sabbatical for the past year. It is a well and good blessing to have this extraordinary man back in the fold of the hills in this part of the world. I recommend his latest book, “Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English.”

Because my Macintosh is a-swim with un-edited video from a host of projects, semi-projects, brainstorms and yet another random video shot (‘Stop me before I shoot again…‘), I deliberately left my Canon G-11 at home this trip. Also, to re-focus my Muses’ energies back onto wordsmithing. For the past five years I’ve been so intensely focused on multimedia work at office and home, that me and words needs to get re-acquainted. (Which is part of the impetus behind the “fictional memoir” underway elsewhere in this blog.)

In any case, below are some photos taken along the way of a past walkabout. West Virginia can be such a delightfully eccentric place. While driving north up from a visit to the Green Bank Observatory, I rounded a corner and came upon this house. Those are bowling balls posted on rebar. Visionary recycling in action.



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2 Responses to “Walkabout-ing”

  1. Sam Schnauzer Says:

    Remove the crack about the Schnauzers or I will unsubscribe.

    • admin Says:

      I KNEW that would get you. I wrote it FOR you, Sam! OK, OK. I hereby apologize to all schnauser lovers. I don’t know WHAT got into me. Schnausers are perfectly lovely dogs.