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No You Can’t?

March 26, 2010

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I am, by nature, not a very out-there politicized person, instead being an on-the-sidelines flaming progressive shot through with some hybrid libertarian streaks. But the reaction to health care reform by the Right and the resultant viciousness after its passage has got me going. My daughter returns from high school to tell me how, at least in the halls she walks, “everyone’s against the health care bill,” including a teacher, who must apparently have shared her views with her class. It is astonishing that a bill that does so much to at least start to fix the vast inequities in the health care market (and it is certainly no radical reform) has been so effectively sold by the Right to its audience as something outrageous, when it is exactly their own families in this audience who will benefit as described here.

American politics has never been pretty, but allow me to share the following video. Don’t click the start button if you are one of my deeply conservative friends from high school re-connected with on Facebook, with whom I still hope to maintain civil contact. Or if you are a fan of John Boehner and self-tanning products. Everyone else, enjoy.



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