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All Together now

March 25, 2010

Featured Article

Taking a moment in the audio booth of Audible Arts Studio in Princeton, WV. The results will be released into the wild this summer. But hear the debut of our new musical theatrical troupe, Third Eye Cabaret, on Saturday, April 3,  at the RiffRaff’s Room Upstairs in a free, collective concert starting 6 p.m. that caps off AllTogetherArts Week in Mercer County. The show features Option 22, the Captain Lazerblast Band, Kathleen Coffee, Melissa McKinney, Briddy & the Buzz and Third Eye Cabaret. Starting about 11 a.m. that Saturday, catch the colorful parade down Mercer Street, followed by a drum circle in the park across the street. I need new parade headgear for the 2010 parade. Last year, I wore the back-half of a cow pinata from  my daughter’s 12th birthday celebration. There’s photographic evidence somewhere. Plus, if you look closely on a sunny day you can probably still see the glitter glinting in the middle of the street from last year’s boisterous, many handfuls of it flung into the Mercer Street air.  See here for more details on the day.



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