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Lucas, age 18, Rocks the Vote for the First Time

November 4, 2008

Listen, Video

Here is a down-and-dirty YouTube video (my first, so be kind) showing my 18-year-old son, Lucas, voting for the first time in a presidential election, in Barboursville, W.Va., in the gym where he used to play dodgeball and eat pizza that tasted like cardboard. The music is a quickie instrumental I recorded onto my Boss notebook studio recorder BR 600.



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2 Responses to “Lucas, age 18, Rocks the Vote for the First Time”

  1. brooklyn Says:

    Congratulations, Lucas!

    Yes we can.

    Yes you did.

    And kudos, Doug. Great visuals and quite the engaging soundtrack!

  2. douglas eye Says:

    Thank ya. I figured it was time to crack open iMovie on my new Mac Powerbook Pro.