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Visible support

March 23, 2010

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An occasional meditation on the act of blogging.
Part 1: ‘Blogging = Streaking’
Part 2: ‘Bloggers Anonymous’

It’s a daunting task being an insignificant blogger without visible means of (blogging) support. This is what I’d rather be doing online. But it, too, has no visible means of support, either, unless one of the 32 people reading this post is an Appalachian Medici, a bored, progressive moneybags aesthete attorney. Or an angelic investor looking to shower manna on a cool idea no one is doing – right now at least – in the Mountain State. (Call me).

Re: blogging — if I invest a significant amount of daily lifeforce in posting regularly, using the trifecta of ‘Post it/Facebook the Post/Tweet the Post’ then  lather-rinse-repeat (preferably twice daily) and pursued ad infinitum, I can keep the snake-in-the-grass, hit-count graph slithering and undulating upwards and onwards. But lay off the posts for a couple days because you’re out and about in the world, viewing baby bald eagles in southern West Virginia (more on that later) or picking up your teen daughter from 4-H camp a few counties over on a two-day trip, and the graph collapses. And you’re back into forlorn single digits. Which may include multiple hits from your same three devoted daily fans, checking back in to see if: a) You have posted anything new; b) You finally gave up on the occasional hassle of constant, unremunerated blogging; c) You died.

I think it takes a mission statement. Why, exactly, are you blogging? I began this blog a couple moons ago with a challenge to a friend – I would start blogging daily if she would. She hasn’t. Her past few blogposts (of the few she has posted) have been laments on the order of ‘WHY can’t I blog?’ Which, all things considered, is not too different from what I am doing here, interrogating the very Act of Blogging. Because, really, if all us members of OBA (the Obscure Bloggers of America) were to all of a sudden stop blogging it would have all the impact of a Kleenex tossed in the Grand Canyon. E.G – a lot. Not.

So, we proceed anyhow, my fellow Obanians. Trying to find a rhythm, yes. That’s the hard part. Trying to fit the time in. (I started typing this at 7:30 a.m. and the clock is ticking on when I need to hit the highway for my 55-minute commute to the Paragraph Factory where I work). Trying – and this is the tricky part – to find a voice that reveals a little of  your ‘lifestreaming‘ going by. And maybe the hardest part: trying to find a point of view. Among my reasons to blog is to point people to interesting, fun, reason-to-go-on links, heartening quotes and intriguing videos. Also, to point people to work I’ve done elsewhere, so it might live a little longer than the evanescent flicker, the firefly blink, of a daily newspaper article. Here today, gone tomorrow, disappeared behind a newspaper library fee wall: That’ll cost you $5 to read anymore.

Also, in the spirit of “The Wasteland,”: “These fragments I have shored against my ruins …” To gather into one place things I value and that hearten me in the face of the workaday universe’s constant reminders of just how insignificant all our ambition really is.  I throw a lot of Kleenexes into the Canyon. They sometimes look pretty floating through the air. Like kites. Or flocks of seagulls.



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4 Responses to “Visible support”

  1. LeRoy Says:

    I am leaving you a comment to make you feel better – LeRoy (was here)

  2. Jane Says:

    I like your writing a whole lot! I probably quote you more than anybody