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Moving the music

March 10, 2010

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Ron Sowell stands in the new Open Stage space, under construction at the ground level of the new Unity Church at 804 Myrtle Rd., in Charleston, W.Va.

Ron Sowell’s Open Stage open mic night at the Unity Church in North Charleston, W.Va., has launched a thousand songs, hundreds of friendships,  probably a score of bands, and dozens and dozens of rounds of Ron’s “I Love My Tomato.”  As a weekend warrior singer-songwriter,  I honed  whatever chops I know in the supportive environment and cozy confines of the Unity sanctuary. It’s where the late and much-missed Becky Webb and I learned how to sing in tandem  in the duo Doogabeka — we were among a host of  area performers nurtured into bloom as performers under Ron’s amiable care and running of this space.

Now, Unity in North Charleston has shut down. The good news is the church is moving to a higher profile locale in the South Hills of Charleston, just up Bridge Road, in a century-old Presbyterian Church with “a nice vibe,” as Ron puts it. And Open Stage lives on. I stopped by in my capacity as a Gazette videographer and documented the move for a video/story online now at the Gazette Web site. Click on the image below or this link. PS ~ Ron, can I ring the bell the next time I’m there?



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One Response to “Moving the music”

  1. Mary Caldwell Says:

    NICE! Good to hear Ron’s voice giving the tour of this beautiful NEW/OLD space; and to know that Ron’s music and mentoring will continue to encourage and entertain us all.