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Since the beginning

March 5, 2010

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“Since the beginning of man, the hours between the coming of night and the coming of sleep have belonged to the tellers of tales and the makers of music.”

~ Performer Walter Craft’s business card
(I recall Walter telling me that some crazy-looking fellow came up to him on the streets of New Orleans and said this to him. It ever after became his signature line. P.S. – His card also says something worthy of note to all singers-songwriters: ‘Serve the Song.’)



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4 Responses to “Since the beginning”

  1. Walter Craft Says:

    Of all the people that ever lifted my signature/card, you have treated me the best in as far as attribution, etc. I especially like that you noted the “Serve the Song”.

    Who are you, where are you and- I would like to meet you.


  2. admin Says:

    Dear Walter- It’s me, Doug. Douglas Imbrogno. Goodness, the webbed world is an odd place, that we should hook up again in this fashion. Call Bob Webb. And get my numbers – I don’t like to post them. Good to hear from you! Let’s meet up soon.

  3. Gary Reynolds Says:

    Doug – I met Walter about 30 years ago when he was playing in a bar in A2 called Mr. Flood’s Party, or just “Flood’s”. I sat in with him, and it became a regular thing when he would come to town. Great guy, great musician, a poet’s soul. We ran into each other at Bob Webb’s house when the Contrarians were recording our CD.

    • admin Says:

      Sometime, deep in the night, after you have set down your cornet for a moment and the tree frogs stop listening and start singing back at us, I will tell you about the very first time I met Walter Craft. He helped get myself back up on my feet and helped set me on the way toward believing I could be a performing songwriter (and as a result helping save me tens of thousands of dollars in therapy, telling my tales to my guitar instead — a much cheaper mode of analysis). Small, small world that you encountered him, too. I met him first in Cincinnati and spent time around his sideyard bonfire, learning how to be a better singer.