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I live by Miracle…

March 2, 2010

Featured Article, Words

The Ancient of Days by William Blake (a k a God as an Architect)

“… As to Myself, about whom you are so kindly interested, I live by Miracle. I am painting small Pictures from the Bible. For as to Engraving, in which art I cannot reproach myself with any neglect, yet I am laid in a corner as if I did not Exist, & since my Young Night Thoughts have been publish’d, even Johnson & Fuseli have discarded my Graver. But as I know that he who Works & has his health cannot starve, I laugh at Fortune & Go on & on. I think I foresee better Things than I have ever seen. My Work pleases my employer & I have an order for Fifty small Pictures at one Guinea each, which is something better than mere copying after another artist. But above all, I feel myself happy & contented let what will come; having passed now near twenty years in ups & downs, I am used to them, & perhaps a little practise in them may turn out to benefit. It is now exactly twenty years since I was upon the ocean of business, & tho [I] laugh at Fortune, I am perswaded that She Alone is the Governor of Worldy Riches, & when it is Fit she will call on me; till then I wait with Patience, in hopes that She is busied among my Friends … ”

~ William Blake in a letter to George Cumberland, August 26, 1799



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