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Poetry Page Herewith Commences

October 10, 2008


Just now, created a new Poetry section to this site. It features homegrown and guest poems of the day. As well as Ovid. Well, actually, just a drawing of Ovid — just for good luck and because he and I are homeboys. Will be showcasing poetic resources in this neckbone of the world, including Vic Burkhammer’s poetry blog, ‘MountainWord.’



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4 Responses to “Poetry Page Herewith Commences”

  1. Vic Burkhammer Says:

    Sharing six of my 9/11 poems that have been simmering for years:


    a flock of birds
    darkens the sky —
    the day disappears
    tadpoles growing legs —
    soon they will jump
    for stars
    the white bark of a birch tree
    peels off in strips —
    letters to the earth
    a butterfly small
    as a penny drops
    upon an angry man’s back
    two towers fall,
    cruel men stare —
    the terrible sound endlessly loops
    the wind says
    a single prayer
    in a hundred languages

    September 11, 2008

  2. Vic Burkhammer Says:

    And, yes, yes, thanks for hundredmountain, and thanks for the link.

  3. admin Says:

    Thank you, Vic. I especially like the last one. The definition of pithy. Doug

  4. jd webb Says:

    Great read, thanks for putting it up.