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Neruda before sleep

February 22, 2010

Featured Article, Poetry

A little Neruda is always a lot. Here is the ending third of  “Sonata con algunos pinos” (“Sonata with some pine trees”). You’ll find the full poem in “Extravagaria.”

… what justifies not being?
where did other people take you?

It is good to have a change of clothes
of skin of hair of work

to get to know the earth a little
to give your woman new kisses

to be a part of clear air
to disdain all oligarchies

when I went from fog to fog
navigating by my hat

I never found anyone with directions
they were all preoccupied

they were off to sell things
nobody asked me who I was

till I got to recognizing myself
till I set off a smile

in the half sky and the warp of branches
let us make peace with our tiredness

let us have talk with roots
and with disenchanted waves

let us forget about hurry
the teeth of the efficient

let us forget the shadowy
miscellany of those who wish us ill

let us make a profession of being earth-bound
let us touch the earth with out beings.



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